Friday, 17 May 2019

Not Forgotten

Sometimes thoughts whirl around my head
Mainly of all the words left unsaid
Life wrenched us apart
You will always remain in my heart

You made me see Red
I never thought you would wind up Dead
I miss seeing you
And all the things you could do

Time still moves on
Even though you're gone
I try to be brave -
But it's hard when there is no grave

Where is it ?
Nowhere to visit
Instead my own shrine
Where you'll continue to shine !

Copyright Kizzy York aka K.J.Oakes Feb 2019

Sunday, 24 March 2019


I wish I had more time
To put my life in rhyme
But as I am lying
I think I am dying

Instead of feeling wired
I just feel really tired
My legs ache so much
And are so tender to touch

I want to write
But my muscles feel so tight
They feel so weak
If only they could be tweaked

Yes tweaked to perfection
So I can perform any action
Able to use my brain
And even run again

It's hard to believe
There's no relief
Let's hope I can live
And with my writing I give

Read at your leisure
I am sure you'll find pleasure
Oh Fancy that -
I need another nap

Copyright 24/03/19 Kizzy York aka K.J.Oakes

Monday, 10 September 2018


It so hurt that we had to part
But I knew it was best to protect my heart
Cause further pain
 would be no gain
From your Betrayal

I knew what was best
I needed the rest
With you I would often pout
You wore me out
With your Betrayal

In Hindsight
I knew we would fight
You were the clown who
Made me feel down
With your Betrayal

Other people could not see through the charm
That you could do your woman no harm
It was all a masquerade
You made me afraid
Of all your Betrayal

You thought I was daft
Wouldn't see through your laugh
I know how you lied
And how I cried
Over your Betrayal

She was naive
I like to believe
She thought your charm
Would do her no harm
She didnt know of your Betrayal

Didnt know you had a wife
That you lived another life
You lout , I kicked you out
Before I could give you a clout
Because of your Betrayal

Let's hope she's wiser than me
In time,  that she will see
Won't waste as many years
Or as many tears
Cause you will never stop your Betrayal
Copyright Kizzy York aka K.J.Oakes June 2018

Tablets Galore

You have tablets to bung you up
Tablets to make you go
Tablets for pain
 For most they are a bain

Tablets for sugar
Tablets to make me high
Tablets for my blood pressure
Cause it's sky high

Tablets for sickness
That don't help at all.
Tablets for anything
I must give the doctor a call

Tablets for everything
But do they really help ?
Vaccines galore
That destroy our immunity

The best tablets
Albert Einstein - once said
Was eat healthy
And go back to bed

I believe he is right
Back to the basics
Give up the pills
They cause such a fright

So before calling that doctor
Think what is best
Remember to eat healthy
And lay down and rest

Forget all that medicine
And those nasty vaccines
Do things more natural
And see your body get clean
Copyright Kizzy York aka K.J.Oakes 2018

Monday, 2 April 2018

Afflicted for Destiny

My affliction chose my destiny
That must have been God
Cause it wasn't me

I needed to slow down
Get off the roller - coaster ride
Of being a Clown

Time is running out
As you near lifes end
Destiny changed before lights out

Still, more time to think
To re-order my life
Find the missing link

Writing I love
No more frenzied life
Peace like a dove

Writing is me
My life, my history
Time to be free

I am not quite sure
Whether I will be famous
But, life seems more pure

Endless Elation
Creating Rhyme or prose
Part of God's Creation

He wants me to be me
Not somebody else
This is what makes me truly happy

I love life now
Not sure of the time left
I will go out with a Pow

Loving words and rhyme
All day to think
This is how I spend my time

Then in eternity
God will say to me
You finally did reach your destiny

Copyright Kizzy York aka K.J .Oakes Feb 23rd 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Ache in my Soul

There is an ache in my soul that won't go away
I feel that down I can't even pray
Friends try to encourage me
It does  me no good - I am not listening
I don't need a goal
I am facing a dark night of the soul

Can't stand nothing to do with God
Don't want to worship,  read his word or pray
Never been this bad before, my friends don't know what to say
I feel like my heart has a big big hole
Void of all love
I am facing a dark night of the soul

Don't know how long it will be
Before I break away from this darkness and once again feel free
Just reading fiction for now, can't stand God's word
Don't know why I feel this way
It's seems so absurd
I am facing a dark night of the soul

Don't know how long it will last
Become a thing of the past
But for now, just let me be
Don't try to persuade me
I feel so cold, not bold
God's word is not for me
I am facing a dark night of the soul

Copyright Kizzy York aka K. J. Oakes 17/01/2018

Thursday, 4 January 2018

I know, I knew

The ADHD FB group
I knew
The wanting to jog in Corby Phase
I knew
The school you worked at
I knew
The times he did not show for you
I knew
The times he didn't show for me
I knew
The whole kaboodle
I knew
The Glitter
I knew
The Baths together
I knew
The Nails
I knew
The secret clandestine meetings
I knew
I know I knew
Thing is - he had done this again and again
Time after Time
I knew it was nothing new
If he had lived he would have eventually done it to you
I knew
The reason his relationships never lasted
I always knew
You never knew
I KNOW this to be true
Eternity made sure he could not do this anymore
To me, to you, to anyone new
Game over - The End
I knew and know, but you never got to know
Be thankful for small mercies
Where no-one lives happily ever after
The End
Copyright Kizzy York aka K.J.Oakes January 4th, 2018